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HE2 Knife Sharpening System

Model HE2

HE2 Knife Sharpening System

Ideal for smaller meat processors, supermarkets, hardware stores and sharpening services, the compact PRIMEdge HE2 provides the same benefits as the larger capacity PRIMEdge sharpening systems utilizing separate hollow grinding and honing/edging units.

The Ø4″” (102 mm) grinding stones of the unit thin both sides of the blade simultaneously. The operator checks the blade thickness with the built-in gauge to determine if it has been thinned sufficiently. After thinning, the honing/edging stones apply a beveled edge on both sides of the blade simultaneously. The blade bevel angle can be adjusted as needed.

The HE2’s cast aluminum body is housed under a durable, easy-to-clean, stainless steel cover. Though the HE2 can be used as a table top grinder, an optional cart with casters allows portability.

For a precise cutting edge every time, trust the proven HE2 sharpening system from PRIMEdge.

  • All-in-one unit with grinding and honing stones.
  • Unique spiral-shaped honing/edging stone design assures consistent, smooth sharp edges.
  • Sharpens blades up to 10″” (254 mm) long.
  • Recirculating liquid coolant system provides burn-free and dust-free operation.
  • Integrated stone dressing system maintains roundness of the stones for perfect, consistent, sharp edges.
  • Optional cart available.
  • CE approved.
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