Blade Sharpening

Jarvis NZ offers a sharpening service for all blades we sell and supply with our products, performed by our highly qualified Service Engineers. We recently introduced our NEW circular saw sharpening and blade setting service with advanced technology with machinery that allows us to offer a service second to none for our customers.

Turkey Vent Cutter

Model VC

The Jarvis Model VC pneumatically powered vent removal tool for all types of poultry.

Turkey Hock and Neck Cutter

Model CPP

The Jarvis Model CPP pneumatically powered hock and neckcutter for turkey, goose, ostrich, pork and cattle.

Poultry Vent Cutter

Model VC

The Jarvis Model VC pneumatically powered vent removal tool for all types of poultry and pork.

Oil Gland Cutter

Model OGC

The Jarvis Model OGC pneumatically powered oil gland removal system for chickens, fowl, and turkeys.

Lung Gun

Model LKE-1

The Jarvis Model LKE-1 pneumatically controlled gun for high speed vacuum removal of poultry lungs and kidneys.

Chicken Hock and Neck Cutter

Model CPE

The Jarvis Model CPE pneumatically powered hock and neck cutter for chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, and game birds.

Toe Web Cutter

Model TWC-2

The Jarvis Model TWC-2 pneumatically operated toe web cutter for hogs.

Hog Tail Cutter

Model TWC-1

The Jarvis Model TWC-1 pneumatically operated tail cutter for hogs.

Hog Bung Dropper

Model HBD-1

The New Jarvis Model HBD-1 for the cutting out of hog bungs.

Hog Brisket Saw

Model HBS-3

The Jarvis Model HBS-3 hydraulically powered brisket saw for hogs and sows.

Weasand Clips


Jarvis Weasand Clips – for sealing the esophagus of slaughtered stock.

Robotic Hock Cutter

Model JR-50

The Jarvis Model JR-50 Robotic Beef Hock Cutter for automatic hock cutting operations on the kill floor.

Pneumatic Stunner

Model USSS-1

The Jarvis Model USSS-1 pneumatically operated high speed captive bolt stunner for cattle.

Hydraulic Circular Saw

Model SHC 140 / SHC 165

The Jarvis Model SHC 140 and SHC 165 hydraulic powered general purpose breaking saws.

Head Dropper

Model 3HD

The Jarvis Model 3HD hydraulically powered hog or beef head dropper.


Model 50G

The Jarvis Model 50G hydraulic powered guillotine style dehorner.


Model JC-IV

The Jarvis Model JC IV pneumatically powered dehider.

Carcass Splitting Saw


The Jarvis Model Buster V electrically powered bandsaw for splitting bulls, cows and horses.

Brisket Saw

Model MG-1/ 1HS / 1B / 1BHS / 1BFQ

Hydraulic powered brisket saws for beef, hog splitting and forequartering.

Beef Hock Cutter

Model 30CL-1

The Jarvis Model 30CL-1 hydraulically powered fore and hind beef hock and horn cutters.