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HG4S-B Polisher/Buffer

Model HG4S-B

HG4S-B Polisher/Buffer

A complementary unit to the Twins or to any PRIMEdge sharpening system, the HG4S-B Polisher/Buffer delivers a smooth and polished edge on each blade.

The 4” (102mm) diameter buffing wheels eliminate grinding marks and produce a smooth, polished surface on knives up to 10” long. In a meat processing line, polished knife edges increase productivity by reducing blade friction and operator elbow/wrist fatigue.

The Polisher/Buffer consists of a cast aluminum body housed under a durable, easy-to-clean, fiberglass cover. The ergonomic design of the Polisher/Buffer provides operator comfort and safety. An adjustable, pivoting lamp can be oriented in different positions for excellent visibility while sharpening blades. Cart is included.

  • Polishes and removes grinding marks from both sides of a blade simultaneously in a matter of seconds.
  • Polishes blades up to 10” (254mm) long.
  • Smooth blade edges can increase productivity by reducing knife drag through product, making cutting easier and increasing production.
  • CE approved.
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